Welcome to the home page of the Website website!  This site has been developed by Ern Hollebone, administrator of the U3A Network NSW domain (u3anet.org).  Ern refers to the domain and its increasing number of subdomains as the Network “Clutter”.

“Clutter” is not a comment on the nature of the websites that have grown on our private web but a furthering of the web metaphor.  The collective name for a group of spiders is a Clutter – pretty appropriate for the thirty (or so) of us weaving our webs on the WordPress platform.

The content of the Website website is meant for the Clutter, to give them as much guidance as they need to develop their sub domains technically and artistically.  The sites they have woven, and continue to expand, exhibit a growing sense of pride in achievement and creativity as well as commitment to the U3A movement at home and state-wide.

We have no objection to others using the notes.  If they help you with your WordPress blogs and static websites, they are achieving their purpose.  All I ask in return is that you acknowledge their source and, where possible, contribute your own help to those of us at varying locations along the WordPress learning curve.

You can contact me with suggestions and advice by emailing me at netadmin@u3anet.org.au

To access most of the documents you’ll need Adobe Reader on your system.  If you don’t have it, you can download it by clicking on the Adobe Reader button below.